Rob Johnson
Mountaineering Instructor (MIC)
& International Mountain Leader
Photo: Rob appearing in a 6 part series on ITV Wales in 2015

Lectures & Public Speaking

I am a full time mountaineer and climber and Mountain Rescue Team member. I have a wealth of stories, photos and video that I can bring to an event.

The challenges that I face in the mountains require teamwork and the need to react quickly to an ever changing environment. These are skills that translate to any work envionment and I can offer talks that provide inspiration and also discuss the following key topics:

Risk v Reward - managing risks and balancing them against the potential reward
Teamwork - working together towards a common goal to each others strengths
Vision - a will to succeed


Films & Photos

At the end of 2013 and 2014 I produced films that document my "Year in the Mountains". Together with films of specific climbs and journeys that I have made I have used these films to provide an evening of entertainment and inspiration.


All of my talks are based on a central theme of humour, motivation and inspiration and I can work with specific requirements/needs for each event.


Costs & Booking:

Please email me to discuss your requirements.


A Year in the Mountains 2014



A Year in the Mountains 2013



Useful Links

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Instructors Tips

Instructors Tips

Instructors Tips

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It was a really enjoyable evening and we have been inundated with emails today thanking us for putting on the evening. Looking forward to seeing more new work as it is produced.
John , Film Presentation - Jan 2015

It was indeed a fantastic evening for a great cause and I hope everyone who came enjoyed it as much as I did...blown away by Rob's presentation!
Nick - Film Presentation - Jan 2015



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