Rob Johnson
Mountaineering Instructor (MIC)
& International Mountain Leader

Site Specific Training
- Training for people who work at indoor and outdoor climbing walls.

Currently in the UK there is no requirement for any qualifications to be held by a climbing wall supervisor, coach or instructor. There is an assumption, however, that people in this position have an enhanced duty of care and should ensure that they are competent to manage the activities that they and their charges undertake. Should any accident occur their may well be an assumption that the individual, the employer and the facility had taken reasonable steps to ensure competence.

The MLTE currently offers a variety of awards for individuals involved in the industry but it is accepted that they may be inappropriate for those who only work in a limited range of activities and in specific sites. In this instance site specific training can be given.

As a holder of the Mountain Instructor Certificate I am able to provide advice as a technical adviser and to provide site specific training. Below is a sample of some of the services I am able to provide for climbing wall staff:

Review Code of Practice Documents
Preparation of a risk assessment for the site
Provide technical advice on the use of equipment and venues
Provide staff training to cover:
Use of equipment
Personal Climbing Skills
Background Knowledge of Climbing
The Climbing Wall Environment
Using Climbing Walls
Supervision of wall users
Movement Skills
Group Management
Personal Safety
Basic problem solving

This is not an award or qualification but individuals will be assessed as part of the programme. The employer is entirely responsible for ensuring it covers all aspects of requirements of the BMC and UKMTB. Each wall management must take it upon themselves to ensure they are up to date with all current climbing wall legislation. We provide professional training to current industry standard but cannot realistically ensure the persons in question maintain safe practices on a daily basis. Climbing walls must take responsibility for this and advice must be sought in writing from the BMC or ABC (Association of British Climbing Walls).

Dates: By arrangement

We charge £250 per day for site specific training. We also charge 40p per mile for all training carried out outside of Gwynedd or Conwy. Please email to discuss your requirements and we will advise how many days of training are required.


Online: You can book securely online below by clicking on the buy now button.

If you are booking more than 8 weeks in advance you can choose to pay a deposit of £100 to secure your booking. Click here to pay a deposit.

Funding: If you are a teacher or youth group leader and require an invoice please email me and we will email an invoice across to you. Once payment has been received we will allocate your training. Alternatively your school or employer can use a school debit card to book online below.

Course type Location Price Quantity  
Site Specific Training: UK £250 per day




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Just a quick note to say thanks for a great week, enjoyed your and Huws company as always.
Just had time to reflect on what was said and going into the week navigation and contour recognition was my weakness! And obviously showed.

Off to the lakes next week to do some practice.

The Ml inspires me to get into the hills, I just love being there, all be it when Iam struggling up the hill, note to self work on my fitness.

There will be the return of the Jedi, but this time using more than just the force!

See you in Jan, have a great Xmas and new year!



ML Assessment Nov 14

Hi Rob,
Just a short note to thank you and Huw for yet another brilliant week.
I had a great time and enjoyed every element of the assessment and was especially pleased when the time spent in the hills paid off.
Hope to see you both again sometime soon.

ML assessment Nov 2014.

Hi Rob, Huw,

Thanks again for such a superb week - a massive pleasure to learn from and spend time with you both as always.

Obviously thrilled to have got the thumbs-up from you both too. Praise really matters when it comes from people you respect.

Cheers guys,

ML Assessment Nov 14

Hi Rob. Really good to see you again this week and thanks for a great assessment...really enjoyed the experience. I have to commend yourself and Paul for the relaxed style yet professional manner in which you both conducted the week so a huge thanks.
Take it easy and hope to see you soon.
Neil (bog monster)
ML Assessment - Aug 2013

Hi Rob, I got the photo's you posted in drop box, cheers for that. I must say that I think you ran a great course. Qualifying was my first goal but I did come with an open mind to learn new skills and I feel that I've achieved that as well. I have gained valuable information off both you and Paul so I thank you for that.
Thanks again. Regards. Pete. ML Assessment, May 2013

Hi Rob, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for a great week on the ML assessment. I really enjoyed it looking back now and it will make for some great memories. Matt - ML Assessment - November 2012

Hi Rob, thanks for a great course, very informative but in a relaxed atmosphere that's given me new skills & honed in some existing ones as well. Paul - ML Training August 2012

Hi Rob, Thanks again for being so brilliant, I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much over the 6 days! Cheers, Sarah ML Training August 2012

Rob, thanks again for a cracking 6 days of ML training.....only one more thing to say " tra la la la la". Cheers buddy. Simon - ML Training November 2011

Have to agree with Simon, it was brilliant, learnt so much, many thanks!!! Nik - ML Training November 2011

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