Rob Johnson
Mountaineering Instructor (MIC)
& International Mountain Leader
Photo: Mount Everest from Kala Pattar

Instructors Tips

Hill Skills, Navigation & Mountain Leaders:

Avoid Mountain Rescue - click here

Climbing your first 4000m peak - click here

What is mountain navigation? - a short article to set the scene - Click here

Do I need to be qualified to take a bunch of mates on the hill?

When should I tell people to worry if I am late back from the mountains?

Winter Skills with Trail

What are contours? A step by step guide on how to understand and use contours - click here

What to eat on the hill - some top hill food tips. Click here

How to take a bearing, a step by step reminder - Click here

Navigation timings card - print off and keep this timings card to save doing maths on the hill. Click here

Ticks & Lymes Disease - understand how to avoid Lymes disease in the UK. Click here

Mountain Weather Videos from the Met Office

Trail Magazine Articles that I have worked on:
Walking Alone
Mountain Navigation Skills
Grade 1 Scrambling
Advanced Scrambling
Kit for Mountaineering
Welsh winter skills



Here are a series of videos that I have made for the AMI on BMC TV that look at ropework for scrambling. Follow this link.


Rock Climbing

Moving from climbing indoors to climbing outdoors - click here

Useful knots and how to tie them - click here

Gear Testing Results, links to articles where gear has been tested to destruction! Click here

Everything you need to know about buying a rope - click here

Abseil Tips - how to make abseiling hassle free. Click here


Winter Skills and winter climbing

How to choose your first pair of winter boots, crampons and your first ice axe - for winter walking. Click here

How to fit your new crampons to your boots - Click here

Improve your winter climbing - some top tips to improve your climbing - Click here

How to dig out an avalanche victim - Click here


Altitude sickness - what is it and how do we avoid it? Click here

A brief geological history of Snowdonia - Click here

A brief geological history of Skye - Click here

A brief geological history of The Alps - Click here