Rob Johnson
Mountaineering Instructor (MIC)
& International Mountain Leader
Photo: Summit of Tryfan in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia

Scrambling Courses

Scrambling is about heading off into those areas of the mountains that your mum would tell you not to! You leave the paths behind and head for stunning ridges and atmospheric gullies.

What do scrambling grades mean?
Scrambles are graded from 1 to 3.
Grade 1 is unlikely to require a rope but would involve steep and often exposed ground, where good route choice is important and may be used in most weather conditions.
Grade 2 requires the use of a rope and basic rock climbing skills to negotiate steeper ridges and gullies;
Grade 3 is usually more grade 2 ground with perhaps some route finding decisions to be made and longer sections of climbing.

How to choose the right course for you
To enjoy any of our scrambling courses you need to be a reasonably experienced hillwalker who is ready to progress onto steeper ground. If you have not done any graded scrambles then the intro course or 5 day classic scrambles course is ideal.

If you have done an intro course or been on routes like Crib Goch, The North Ridge of Tryfan or Striding Edge and now you want something more challenging then consider our advanced scrambling or 5 day scrambling course. Our advanced scrambling learn to lead course does what it says and teaches you to lead your own roped scrambles. If you are not sure where your experience fits have a look at our teaching process here. For the experienced scrambler the ultimate destination is the Cuillin Ridge on Skye, often described as the British Alps and it is a truly awesome place. For an idea of the kit that we use on different grades of scrambles click here.

If you want to view the courses listed in date order then you can do so on the diary page.


This page has been updated and you can now view our full range of scrambling courses in Snowdonia, Scotland and further afield on our new mobile friendly site here.



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