Winter Kit List:

I have prepared it and modified this list over many years and there is nothing on here that you can make do without. If we are very lucky and have perfect weather there are things that you might not end up using but more likely you will be very glad to have them! There will probably be things on here that seem odd but bear with me – all will become clear on your course!

The extremes of winter conditions in Scotland should not be under estimated. Shell garments in particular need to be of high quality, as do boots, gloves and other warm clothing. I have written in the kit that I use as a general guide if you are buying new and want an idea of the sort of thing to look for:

Waterproof Jacket – full weight breathable model preferred.
Overtrousers – with 3/4 or full length side zips. 
I really rate Polartec Neoshell and use Jottnar salopettes (a small UK company that make good quality kit)
Rucsac 40-50l capacity – a plastic liner is a must.
 I prefer an Alpine design without sidepockets as it will be better balanced. The lighter the sack the better – I use Mammut and Crux sacks. 
Winter Mountaineering Boots rated B1, B2 or B3 suitable for crampons – need a rigid model for ice climbing courses. In Scotland I love my Scarpa Mont Blancs but these can be too rigid for some people. Scarpa Mantas are a good B2 boot. 
Socks 2 pairs of warm loop lined ones.
Gaiters made from breathable material. (Goretex ideal)
Wicking thermal top not cotton please!
Merino wool is very good as it does not smell or itch.
2 Warm fleeces or equivalent.
I use Patagonia R2 fleece as it is a fibre pile fleece which gives great warmth for weight. I prefer a warm fleece to a windproof one for Scotland.
Thermal leggings or warm mountain trousers.
I wear Helly Hansen thermals under Mammut Base Jump Schoeller Trousers, often with my salopettes over the top as well. I am a skinny devil who feels the cold though!
Thin Inner Glove
Warm Ski Type Gloves
I use Mountain Equipment Guide Gloves
Hat or Balaclava must fit under a helmet.
I like bright colours with tassels! 
Spare Mittens especially if you suffer from cold hands. 
Spare Fleece
Blizzard Survival Jacket (Emergency kit)

Water Container approx 1l, or .75l flask. 
I use a Nalgene with a wide top as it can double as a bowl for eating from or a hot water bottle. 
Headtorch + batteries 
Map, Compass + Whistle
(1:50,000 map of Fort William & Glen Coe)
Personal medications + blister kit 
Ski Goggles + sun glasses
#Climbing Helmet 
#Crampons with antiball plates 
I use DMM Gladiators which are a C2 Crampon
#Ice Axe classic type

# Items can be hired locally, we also have a limited supply which are available free of charge on a first come first served basis.

If you are bringing crampons please make sure they fit your boots.