Mountain Leader Definitions

Mountainous Country, Quality Mountain Days and
Wild Camping

1.1 Mountainous Country
For the purpose of the Mountain Leader scheme ‘mountainous country’ may be defined as wild
country which may contain unavoidable steep and rocky ground where walkers are dependent
upon themselves for immediate help. In the United Kingdom and Ireland this can be found in areas
such as:
United Kingdom
Antrim Hills
Black Mountains
Brecon Beacons
Galloway Hills
Highlands and Islands of Scotland
Lake District
Mountains of Mourne
Mountains of North and Mid Wales
North Yorkshire Moors
Peak District and Northern Moors
1. 2 Quality Mountain Days
In terms of experience, the quality of a mountain day lies in such things as the conditions
experienced both overhead and underfoot, the exploration of new areas, the terrain covered and
the physical and mental challenge. Such days make a positive contribution towards a person’s
development and maturity as an all round mountaineer.
Usually some or all of the following criteria would be fulfilled:
• the individual takes part in the planning and leadership.
• navigation skills are required away from marked paths.
• experience must be in terrain and weather comparable to that found in UK and Irish hills.
• knowledge is increased and skills practised.
• attention is paid to safety.
• the journey is five hours or more.
• adverse conditions may be encountered.
• ascent of a substantial peak would normally be included in the day.
1.3 Wild Camping
Wild camping takes place in moorland or mountain terrain remote from roads and habitation. Wild
camping has the potential to adversely affect the locality by vegetation trampling and pollution
through food and human waste. It therefore needs to be undertaken with sensitivity combining care
for the environment with personal enjoyment.

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