It has been proper cold here in Snowdonia this week, as indeed it has for most of the UK I think! The strong winds meant that the snow was stripped out midweek but the cold temperatures have meant we have had some low level ice form so it seemed rude not to make the most of it!

Yesterday I headed out with Bryn, staying low to avoid the 100mph summit winds. We climbed Sergeants Gully into Cwm Glas and then enjoyed some horizontal ice on Llyn Glas – we were even able to slide across to the island, something I have never done before.

Today saw another “first” for me as I had heard that Aber Falls was in condition, having frozen enough to be climbable. Both Bryn and Huw were busy so I wandered in on my own and was surprised to see that there were only a couple of other teams there to climb the route. I did a spot of filming and then enjoyed the ice for myself.

Photo taken by a passing photographer

I had been warned by a friend who climbed it yesterday that the ice was not great at the top and as I was soloing I escaped stage right somewhere near the top. The ice gave great placements but was definitely hollow and slabby and with the temperature going up all day I can’t help but feel that it was a narrow window of opportunity!

Watch the video here: Aber Falls Video