Well the seasons have surely rolled over now. I might have been rock climbing in the warm in Snowdonia with the kids last week but I’m in Scotland today where we’ve had little trouble in finding one of the places where winter has been hiding. Working alongside Rob and with Luke, John and Nick we’ve started one of our Winter Mountaineering Courses with an easy outing on a short little circuit on Aonach Mor. The Nevis Range gondola carried us almost all of the way to the freshly fallen snow line and from there we were able to crampon up strips of the older and harder snow to the upper part of the mountain. Descending on the eastern side by the Climbers Col we then traversed along the base of the cliffs before climbing back up the line of Easy Gully. I can’t see that there’s really any other climbing to be had up there right now but today’s outing was fun and suited our needs as an ease in to the course and for me the winter.