It is a fairly wild week in Scotland this week and so Huw and I are spending as much time in the planning stages of each day as we are actually going mountaineering I think! We had a couple of options for today with a need to avoid a high avalanche risk, strong winds, rising temperatures and still have a fun day of climbing or mountaineering. Thankfully both Racheal and Shae recognise and appreciate the challenges and so we couldn’t be out with better people.

Looking towards the Dragons Tooth on the approach

Having set off towards Glencoe our first option was to have a look at the Dragons Tooth above Ballachulish – looking in from the road it seemed like it would do the trick as the snow line was not as low as forecast and we could see several descent options. Neither of us had done the route before and its not in any winter guidebooks and so we also had the element of discovery to add to the day 🙂

The approach gave some lovely views back North between the snow showers

Having threaded our way up through the forest we climbed steeply onto the crest of the ridge itself which then gave some lovely mountaineering with enough technicality to keep it interesting without it ever feeling intimidating in the wind.

The ridge provides a series of small summits as it rises towards Sgorr Dhonuill
Racheal enjoying the15 metre abseil
Shae heading down for a sandwich
The wind making its presence felt
Huw and Shae on the ridge section
Racheal and I topping out with the route behind us
Huw being careful of the overhead cables 🙂
Negotiating the forest works
On the look out for fairies in the glen.

Yesterday was spent in the indoor ice climbing wall at the Ice Factor for us. Sadly there was an avalanche accident on Ben Nevis that has made the national news and our thoughts and prayers go out to those involved and to their friends and families.