Huw and I took Racheal and Shae East today, with the East Ridge of Beinn a Chaorainn our chosen objective. It was a popular choice and we were very grateful for a lift up the Forestry Track which meant for a much shorter walk in than normal. The ridge was in great condition and we had a lovely day following the footprints of a couple who kindly broke trail all the way up. Shae did some of the leading on his rope with Huw and Racheal did a sterling job of navigating us off the top in a white out, then we managed tea and cakes in the Nevis Range cafe. Ace!

Shae at the first steepening with Rob & Racheal below

Racheal doesn’t look quite as happy as Rob at this point! 

A smile/grimace from Shae 

Shae on the sharp end

A sociable day out


Sunshine on the walk in – thanks to John Lyall who broke trail for this part of the day
Rachael pulling up one of the steeper sections
Smiles all round
Rachael keeping us away from the cornice as we navigate off in poor visibility
Impressive water volume at the Lagan Dam