I have never ridden up Snowdon before. I have walked it, climbed it and skied it so I thought it was about time I rode it! During the summer months there is a voluntary restriction on not riding the bridleways between 10:00am and 5:00pm and so the summer solstice offers the ideal opportunity to ride it after work and still have the daylight you need.

I parked in Llanberis and made my way up the Llanberis Path. I did plenty of pushing but managed to ride a reasonable amount too and got to the summit to enjoy a bit of a picnic! There were plenty of other folks about as I made my way up but once I hit the Ranger Path in descent I was alone. It was a fantastic ride down.

Heading down from the summit

Pretty technical in the upper section and I don’t mind admitting I carried the bike in a couple of short sections. As I got lower though the path really improved and the bottom two thirds are incredible. I then hit the Telegraph Valley path to descent all the way to Llanberis. Again this trail is incredible – has it been made with riders in mind? Just ace, swooping descent on fast slat chippings and with fun drop offs for air – why haven’t I done it before!