Rob and Huw – 

Have been unexpectedly busy since returning to Putney from our epic week in Torridon, hence my delayed thank you for as good a week in the mountains as I have enjoyed for a longtime. 

I would best describe it as I did to an outdoor man in the office when asked how I had got on, I said: ‘there’s walking, there’s hiking, there’s trekking, there’s scrambling, there’s climbing; and then there’s last week!

Winter mountaineering, the real thing and to a relative beginner it was simply fabulous and intoxicating in the extreme. 

Whilst we had to search for snow, when we found it and got amongst it on high ground it was plentiful and enabled us to do just what Rachel, Cath, Tom and I had come to Torridon in winter to do……’mountaineer’. 

And fab it was. From the harsh first day cloudy conditions on Beinn Aligin to the practically sun drenched ridge taking us over the Black Carls mid-week and on to the ‘real deal’ in Hayfolk Gully on Ay Teallach before we’d finished all made for a exceptionally enjoyable week. 

A great trip with old and new ‘Expedition Guide’ friends and leaders……nothing better.