Whilst the cities are quiet this weekend, yesterday saw the busiest day in Snowdonia in living memory. We all need to work together to beat this. We need to stay at home. I live here and I have stopped my work to keep my community and my family safe. I am not going up the mountains, I am not going climbing, flying etc. I’m staying at home and we all need to do the same. Car parks and trails could be shut to stop people visiting Snowdonia after it was “overwhelmed”.

Our supermarkets are low on food because of panic buying. We have limited beds in our hospitals. Our community cannot cope with increased pressure due to visitor numbers increasing at the moment.

Huw and I love the mountains, we live for them but they will always be there. Save them for when this crisis is over. This is real. We already have a member of our family who has been hospitalised (in their 30’s) and might not have survived without access to a hospital bed.

People think the outdoors is safe and by and large it is. But social distancing doesn’t work when a place is so busy that every few minutes someone unlatches a gate to pass through it, or climbs a stile, or used the same holds on a popular scramble. Our noses run, we wipe our noses, or touch our faces, and we touch these things others will touch, only minutes or hours apart. That will spread this virus. It’s not ok to say ‘I might as well get this virus, I’m fit and healthy’ as that’s extremely selfish. The knock on effects on the ability of the NHS to provide its everyday care to society will be immense in a few weeks time and then it will be the vulnerable in society that will pay with their lives.

We need a change of mindset. We need to think how we can help this crisis. For most of us this means not transmitting it, we are the front line. Follow government advice, stop all non essential travel, look after each other and we can enjoy the mountains and our rural communities again when this is all over.