Todays photo is a (not very good) shot of my Dad by the Kings House Hotel in Glen Coe. These stories are not meant to be about the imagery, just the memories that a photo can spark and so I don’t feel so bad about posting an image that is blurred and out of focus – Dads enthusiasm is still obvious!

The year was 2002. I had just done my Winter ML training with Plas Y Brenin in Ballachulish and Dad came up on the train to join me for a week of ticking off Munros in the snow.

On that course I met Bryn Williams who has since become one of my best mates and we have had lots of cool adventures together so far. When Bryn learned of my plan to stay up for a week he asked if he could join in and so the three of us spent the week camping. In those days the owners of the Kings House were very happy for people to camp for free out the back of the pub on the understanding that we would frequent the bar in the evenings – no hardship there then!

Of course Bryn and I were now experts and keen to practise everything we had learned the week prior. With hindsight I feel a bit sorry for Dad as we probably bored him to death but nonetheless it was a pretty cool week of ticking off Munros in proper winter conditions with my mate and my Dad – very cool!

For Bryn and I it was a great opportunity to tick off some quality winter mountain days and for my Dad the chance to tick the Glen Coe Munros. Both Bryn and I passed the Winter ML a year or two later and Dad went on to complete his Munros in 2014. He is now working his way through the Corbetts!