Hi – I hope you are well and staying safe and sane. 

I have been using the time at home to make some changes to Expeditionguide.com, come up with some new challenges, think about how I can look after the environment better and come up with some new ways for you to enjoy the mountains. 
 The Snowdonia Fifty is my attempt to put together a list of 50 adventures to be had in Snowdonia that will work all year round in a variety of different weathers. I wanted to put together a list that would inspire us to stay local, to enjoy what we have here in North Wales and to inspire us to get out whatever the weather might throw at us. Hence the list is not all climbing – it is meant to be something anyone can aspire too, perhaps with a bit of training along the way. If you are one of our existing clients on the lookout for new adventures then hopefully this will give you a reason to keep coming back! At the bottom of the page I give you the option to register for the challenge and then you will get a routes book that you can tick off as you work your way through. You also get a mug so that you can have brew each morning and dream of the next adventure! By registering you can join The Snowdonia Fifty Facebook group so that you can connect with a community of people all doing the same thing to share adventures, transport and accommodation. To keep the inspiration levels topped up I am working on a series of YouTube vlogs of the routes on the list that I can release every couple of weeks. That way I can bring the routes to the palm of your hand, together with friends and special guests as we aim to show you the best of Snowdonia. Read More

NEW  Guided Photography Days 
By special request I have added Guided Photography Days to the website. As many of you know I have been working as a film maker and photographer part time in the mountains since 2013 with a wide range of outdoor brands. During that time I have worked with some of the best talent in the UK and I have learnt a lot along the way. My aim in running these days is to take you to some of my favourite photographic spots in Snowdonia and provide you with some teaching to help you get the best of your camera. For experienced photographers we can focus on the scene we want to capture, for beginners we can spend more time looking at how your camera works and how to get the best from it. Years of working as a Mountaineering Instructor have taught me the importance of teaching through experience, with the minimum of jargon – we go out together and we shoot nice images.Read More

Lockdown News
The main mountains of Snowdonia are still closed and this looks likely to be the case until the end of June. I have been lucky enough to have some filming work for the Snowdonia National Park documenting the mountains and the coastline during the lockdown. It has felt odd to be on the mountains over this beautiful weather without another soul in sight. I am looking forward to being able to get back out into the mountains and share adventures with you all and am hopeful that we will be able to do this on a 1:1 (or 1:2 if from the same household) basis in July. 

I will initially be offering private guiding only and hence coming up with The Snowdonia Fifty and the Guided Photography Days as a way of inspiring people to come to Snowdonia outside of our open courses. 

I haven’t worked since the 12th March and want to thank everyone who has had a course cancelled since then. Whilst we are unable to operate our courses I am contacting everyone individually to offer a refund or an alternative date once the lockdown is eased and people have been fantastic. I will continue to do this until things return to normal. Private Guiding

The Environment 
My last email to you all was to say that my van was for sale. I sold it and I have taken the opportunity to look at the impact that my travel has on the environment that we all cherish. I am not naive enough to think that I have the perfect solution but I have bought a 5 year old hybrid car that means that I can make a big reduction in my carbon footprint for local journeys. Of course it has a financial benefit too, my travels costs should be reduced. My petrol budget over the last 3 month has been at an all time low!! I have made a few other changes to and created a dedicated website page to set out my progress. Read More

OK, thats it. Thanks very much for reading. Stay fit, healthy and well and hopefully see you soon in the mountains.