I have been out with Rachel today for my first day of work since March – it did feel good to be back! The weather was slightly sub-optimal but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm for either of us.

A misty, moisty morning

We picked the Crib Llem Spur as our objective for the day. I knew it would be quiet and sure enough we didn’t see a soul – that being said there could have been 100 people ahead of us by 25m and we wouldn’t have seen any of them through the cloud.

What the Crib Llem Spur looks like in the sunshine
What it looked like today

The simple joy of movement on rock is hard to beat and the route gave us plenty of that, always with options to avoid the hard bits if we wanted to. We soaked up the wild flowers, the remoteness and the vibrancy of the mountains and revelled in being back – thanks very much Rach!