Bryn and I have been slowly learning to fly over the last 18 months. We started on Moel Eilio with Bryn’s speedwing then decided it might be wise to do a course and so we went to Spain in December 2018. I’ve had a bit more coaching here in Wales since then and I have a slower wing (than the speed wing that Bryn flies) designed primarily for hike and fly. It can be a frustrating sport as a beginner, you need the wind to be exactly right for a plan to work but when it comes together it is a lovely way to descend the mountains.

This is only some GoPro footage captured from my helmet but I hope it shows the beautiful simplicity of flying down as the sun sets and your buddy speeds off into the distance 🙂

If you like the look of flying check out the BHPA website for a list of qualified schools:

If you are in Wales I can recommend Steve at Mid Wales Paragliding Centre.

This is the wing I am using: It is super light, weighing only 1.8KG!! I have a reserve and a harness with an airbag and the total weight is about 4.5kg which includes the rucksack so it’s not a chore to carry it up.

The music is by Nick Mulvey, the track is Fever to the Form.