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Because I am rarely by a computer or phone I am (thankfully) assisted by my wife, Kate on the admin side of the business.

For general enquiries you can email Kate on 

Or if you would like to ask me a specific question that you cannot find the answer to on the website then send me an email:

I am out of contact during each working day and most evenings so answer emails at anti-social hours when I can! Please bear in mind that I am often away from home so a response can be several days.


If you have a general enquiry you can call my wife, Kate on 01248 209576 (between 9:00am and 5:00pm)


Our address is:

1 Pant y Carw
Nant y Felin Rd
LL330SU is the trading name of Johnsons Expedition Guides. Our company number is OC300151

You can read more about me and my qualifications here.

Our safety policy is here.

Privacy & Data Protection

The information that we hold is the information that you complete on our booking form. This includes some personal information to allow us to look after you safely in a mountain or wilderness environment. We keep a paper copy of your booking form for 6 years after your course for our income records. By completing the form you consent to us keeping this record. At your request we can anonymise our records after your course.
Read more on our privacy policy. 

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